Wulai Delicacy‧A-Chun Eatery
  • Wulai is renowned for its hot springs, traditional delicacies and Atayal culture that attracts throngs of visitors from home and abroad each year. Atayal cuisine emphasizes the original flavor of the ingredients without adding much seasoning. A-Chun Eatery is situated on the Wulai Old Street, one of the most famous tourist destinations in northern Taiwan. The eatery serves an impressive variety of traditional rural dishes. All the ingredients used are sourced from the nearby mountain area. Visitors to Wulai can expect to experience the culture, cuisine and scenic charm.
  • Rice in Bamboo Tube

    Rice in bamboo tube is characterized by its nose-pleasing aroma with a hint of bamboo, and moist, chewy texture.
  • Hungshau Fish

    Another sign shop is delicious braised dishes reservoir fish daily selection of fresh fish, braised dishes way, whether directly or with rice taste very delicious, but this dish is loved by many female friends.
  • Poached Free-range Chicken

    The free-range chicken used in the dishes is raised on corn. The tender, chewy chicken meat has won over gourmands far and wide.
  • Pumpkin & Tomato Soup

    This soup is prepared by boiling pumpkins and tomatoes without adding any seasonings. It has a refreshingly sweet taste.
  • Stir-fried Mountain-grown Vegetables

    To adapt to today’s health-conscious lifestyle, the eatery serves a wide variety of mountain-grown vegetable dishes.
  • Stir-fried Wild Scallions

    Wild scallions are one of the distinctive local specialties in the Wulai region worth giving a taste.
  • A-Chun Eatery

    Chinese version
    Japanese version

    【Opening Hours】10:00 AM ~ 20:00 PM( holiday to21:00PM)
    【Booking hotline】02-26617718
    【Recruitment】The restaurant is recruiting new staff, people with restaurant experience will be considered prior.

    Menu and Picture for reference purposes only.
    All price change without notice

    ◎Stir-Fried Food (Small/Large)
    Boiled Corn-fed Chicken with Sauce NT$250/$450
    Sautéed Pork and Squid, Hakka Style NT$200/$30
    Stir-Fried Venison NT$180/$280
    Stir-Fried Mutton with Hakka Orange Sauce NT$150/$250
    Stir-Fried Wild Boar NT$150/$250
    Stir-Fried Assorted Mushroom NT$150/$250
    Grilled Wild Boar NT$100/$150
    Braised Makino Bamboo Shoots NT$100/$150
    Crispy Salt & Pepper Fish NT$100/$150
    Crispy Salt & Pepper Shrimp NT$100/$150
    Crispy Shrimp and Fish NT$100/$150
    Braised Tilapia Fish in Soy Sauce NT$270
    Braised Tofu in Soy Sauce NT$150/$200
    Crispy Fried Tofu NT$120/$170
    King Trumpet Mushroom with Duck Egg NT$150/$200

    ◎Vegetable & Pan-fried Eggs (Small/Large)
    Sautéed Betel Nut Flower NT$150/$250
    Stir-Fried Mushroom NT$150/$250
    Stir-Fried Bitter Melon with Duck Egg NT$150/$200
    Stir-Fried Bitter Melon with Pumpkin NT$150/$200
    Stir-Fried Bitter Vegetable Fern NT$150/$200
    Sautéed Shallot Shoots NT$150/$200
    Sautéed With Water Snowflake NT$150/$200
    Stir-Fried Bird’s-nest Fern with Dried Fish NT$150/$200
    Stir-Fried Assorted Vegetable N $150/$200
    Sautéed White Cabbage NT$80/$100
    Sautéed Sweet Patato Leaves NT$80/$100
    Sautéed Crown Daisy NT$80/$100
    Sautéed Chayote Shoots NT$80/$100
    Stir-Fried Madeira Vine With Sesame Oil NT$80/$100
    Stir-Fried Okinawan Spinach With Sesame Oil NT$80/$100
    Sautéed Water Convolvulus NT$80/$100
    Sautéed Cryptotaenia NT$80/$100
    Pan-fried Eggs with Shallot Shoots NT$80/$120
    Pan-fried Eggs with Dried Radish NT$80/$120
    Pan-fried Eggs With Shrimp NT$120/$200
    Mixed Pan-fried Eggs NT$120/$200
    Scramvled Eggs With Tomatoes NT $150/$200

    ◎Rice & Noodles (Small/Large)
    Rice in Bamboo Tube NT$70
    Vegetarian Rice in Bamboo Tube NT$70
    Soy-stewed Pork over Rice NT$30/$40
    Steamed Rice NT$10
    Fried Rice Vermicelli NT$40
    Fried Noodles NT$40

    Chicken Soup With Makauy NT$100
    Chicken Soup With Dried Fruits & Chinese Yam NT$100
    Pork Rivlets Soup with Makauy NT$70
    Tomato and Pumpkin Soup NT$60
    Mushroom and Orange Dayily Soup NT$50
    Makino Bamboo Shoot Soup NT$50

    Millet Wine
    Beer & Soft Drink

    【Traffic information】
    ◎By car
    ※Zhongshan Highway: Yuanshan Interchange→ Jianguo Express→ Xinhi Rd.→ Jilung Rd. → Huanhe Express →Bi Lake→
     Beiyi Rd.→Xinwu Rd. → Wulai Bus Station Parking Lot
    ※National Highway No. 3: Xindian Interchange →Zhongxin Rd.→Beiyi Rd. Xinwu Rd. → Wulai Bus Station Parking Lot

    Address: No.109, Wulai St., Wulai Dist., New Taipei City 233, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:02-26617718